はろはろ〜 ともやです!!
LAはまだまだ暑いです😓 🌞 🌴 

こないだAngels stadium に野球観戦に行ってきました!🍺🍕

Good ポイント

Not Good ポイント



野球観戦初心者の私が野球観戦に行った一番の目的としては 大谷翔平 が所属しているので見に行くためです!😆


English version

Hello, this is Tomoya!
LA is still hot 😓 🌞 🌴

I went to a baseball game at Angels stadium the other day! I've never been to a baseball game before, but I could  get great experience.
It was my first time to go to a baseball game, but I had a great time! I enjoyed it a lot 😆
The reason why I was able to enjoy the game even though I was a beginner is because the stadium in the U.S. had a lot of staging and gimmicks, and the whole venue was fun to watch.
If you know the rules to some extent, I think even beginners can enjoy the game.

Good point

There are a lot of gimmicks and effects
Friendly atmosphere throughout the venue
You can feel American culture
Even beginners can have fun
It's fun for now! 😆 😆

Not Good points

Alcohol and food are more expensive than expected
Access is difficult (easy for car owners)

That's all

As a baseball novice, my main reason for going to a baseball game was to see Shohei Otani because he belongs to the team! 😆 
He is so super famous that even a beginner like me knows him!
He was so popular that almost every American in the stadium was wearing Ohtani's uniform, and as a Japanese, I was very proud of him!
He had an overwhelming presence in the stadium and his play was awesome!

That's my blog update for this week 😆
See you next week 👋