Yaho Yaho ~ 👋 ともやです〜
さて、今回 は Hollywood について書いていこうと思います!
知っている方もいると思いますが、Hollywood sign というのはハリウッドの近くの山にある、
Hollywood と書かれているオブジェクトの事です。
Hollywood と書いてあるオブジェクトだけだけど、私は絶対マストだと思います!!
実はHollywood sign 自体がハイキングスポットになっていて、ロケーションも最高だし

スタート地点から頂上までは1時間ぐらいでその途中にHollywood sign もあります!
行き方としては ロサンゼルスシティーからUber でしか行けません、、🥲
⚠️ Hollywood sign までUber で直接は行けません。

🐾 Hollywood sign
📍 Los Angeles, CA 90068 

今回はここまででです! それではまた〜👋

English Ver↓

Yaho Yaho ~ 👋 I’m Tomoya~ ! Haha
It's been almost 7 months since I came to America.
I can speak English much better than when I first came here, But I still need to study more... 🥲
Well, this time I’ll write about Hollywood sign!
As some of you may know, Hollywood sign is an object on a mountain.
It’s like Japanese DAIMONJI  more detail about Daimonji↓

I know it's just an object with Hollywood written on it, but I think it's an absolute must go !!
Actually, Hollywood sign itself is a hiking spot and the location is great!
And you can see the whole city of Los Angeles from the top!
It's a little steep, but the view from the top is spectacular! ✨✨

It takes about an hour from the start point to the top, and there is a Hollywood sign along the way!
The only way to get there is by Uber from Los Angeles City 🥲
But it's not that far, so it's easy to get there!
⚠️ You can't go to Hollywood sign directly by Uber.
So just ask the driver to take you as far as you can go and you'll be fine!

🐾 Hollywood sign
📍 Los Angeles, CA 90068

That's all for this time blog ! See you soon 👋